Access Virus Editor Osc Filter Env Model C

Access Virus Editor & Librarian update!

Native Apple Silicon Support, USB MIDI support for macOS 10.12 and greater.

Native AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 and Standalone App for macOS and Windows available.


At the moment, we are publishing our plans and updates on and our Discord server which we encourage to follow along and support our work.

Once we have updated our existing products to version 3 framework, we will publish a plan for future projects.

Version 3 work in progress?

  • Waldorf Blofeld Editor
  • Roland JP-80×0 Editor

What we have in queue?

  • Yamaha AN1x Editor /
    Yamaha AN200 Editor /
    Yamaha PLG150-AN Editor
  • Clavia Nord Lead 3 Editor /
    Clavia Nord Rack 3 Editor
  • Waldorf Kyra Editor
  • Korg Radias Editor
  • Novation Ultranova Editor
  • M-Audio Venom Editor

New products almost ready:

  • TC Electronic D-Two Editor


Spread the word in socials and support our work via

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