Access Virus Editor Osc Filter Env Model C

Access Virus Editor & Librarian update!

Native Apple Silicon Support, USB MIDI support for macOS 10.12 and greater.

Native AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 and Standalone App for macOS and Windows available.

app icon jp 80x0 editor

Roland JP-80×0 Editor & Librarian

for Roland JP-8000 and/or JP-8080
Latest version: 24-02-09 | 2024-Feb-09

app icon virus editor

Access Virus Editor & Librarian

for Access Virus A, B-series, Rack, C-series, Rack XL, Classic, TI, TI Snow and/or TI2
Latest version: 24-02-17 | 2024-Feb-17

app icon ms2000 editor

Korg MS2000 Editor & Librarian

for Korg MS2000(B) and/or MS2000(B)R
Latest version: 2.0.8 | 2020-Oct-10

app icon microkorg editor

Korg microKorg Editor & Librarian

for Korg microKorg (not microKorg XL)
Latest version: 1.4.0 | 2020-Feb-04

app icon nord 2 editor

Clavia Nord 2 Editor & Librarian

for Clavia Nord Lead and Nord Rack 1 / 2 / 2X
Latest version: 2.2.0 | 2020-Oct-10

app icon q editor

Waldorf Q Editor & Librarian

for Waldorf Q Rack, Q Keyboard and/or Q+
Latest version: 1.0.7 | 2020-Jan-02

app icon microq editor

Waldorf microQ Editor & Librarian

for Waldorf microQ Rack, microQ Keyboard and/or microQ lite
Latest version: 1.0.6 | 2020-Jan-02

app icon blofeld editor

Waldorf Blofeld Editor & Librarian

for Waldorf Blofeld Desktop and/or Blofeld Keyboard
Latest version: 1.2.3 | 2020-Oct-10

app icon sn editor

Novation SN Editor & Librarian

for Novation Nova Desktop and/or Supernova Rack
Latest version: 1.0.9 | 2020-Jan-16

app icon sn ii editor

Novation SN II Editor & Librarian

for Novation Nova II, Supernova II Rack and/or Supernova II Keyboard
Latest version: 1.1.4 | 2020-Feb-07

app icon pulse editor

Waldorf Pulse Editor & Librarian

for Waldorf Pulse and/or Pulse+
Latest version: 1.1.5 | 2020-Oct-10

app icon pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian

for Waldorf Pulse 2 Desktop
Latest version: 1.1.0 | 2020-Oct-10

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