New era begins

August 5, 2022

New era begins

by | Aug 5, 2022 | News

AURA Plugins website and online store is now live!

Since April 2022 we started to create the website for AURA Plugins. This included data migration (690+ reviews, 9000+ customers, products etc) from Mystery Islands Music.

If you previously had an account at Mystery Islands Music website, your account login details has been migrated over to AURA Plugins. If you had a membership for Mystery Islands Music EDITOR products, those memberships has been migrated as well.

Login and check your account details from – Let us know if something is wrong and we will fix it ASAP.

Documentation from has been moved over to including User Manuals for ALL of our products.

Product pricing, refund policy updates and newsletters

Editor products are on sale at the moment, you can save up-to 33% until version 3 of a specific Editor has been released. Access Virus Editor is on version 3 already, so the sale is valid until September 6th (GMT) UTC+0.

Refund Policy has been revised since the new Company took over: There is no refunds due to nature of the Digitally Served product and ability to try it first. All Sales Are Final. We recommend to try our products before you commit:

We have a new newsletter service in use, which should work out a lot better than the old one. Data has been migrated over from Mystery Islands Music to AURA Plugins. Join our newsletter:

Version 3 development continues

Now that all the hassle is somewhat sorted, version 3 development will continue as expected. We are 6 months behind schedule. Waldorf Blofeld Editor v3 and Roland JP-80×0 v3 should see daylight by the end of October 2022 which means the sale on those Editors will end as well.


All previous Mystery Islands Music tickets will be replied during August and our ticket system will change over during this time.



Q: Can I download my previous purchases from Mystery Islands Music at AURA Plugins website?
A: Yes and no. Editor product download permissions has been moved over. Soundset can be downloaded from Mystery Islands Music website.

Q: What is AURA Plugins?
A: AURA Plugins Oy is a new company taking over Mystery Islands Music Editor development. We have more hands on keyboards so we are expecting to deliver more.

Q: What if I had something else in mind….?
A: Open chat with us!



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