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Access Virus Editor & Librarian update!

Native Apple Silicon Support, USB MIDI support for macOS 10.12 and greater.

Native AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 and Standalone App for macOS and Windows available.


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Access Virus Editor v24.05.28

Access Virus Editor v24.05.28

Virus Editor v24.05.28Access Virus Editor has been updated to new version with exciting new features and a lot of bug fixes. In fact, there is almost 80 different changes, improvements and fixes in total!New feature highlightsQuick Edit view has been implemented in...

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Roland JP-80×0 Editor v24-01-27

Roland JP-80×0 Editor v24-01-27

Long Awaited JP-80x0 Editor UpdateHeyy! Now that the update ball is rolling, we've made a decision to publish our Roland JP-80x0 Editor for you. Our BETA team  made excellent observations and we were able to fix the build issues almost instantly. Since this is not yet...

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Access Virus Editor v24.01.26

Access Virus Editor v24.01.26

Virus Editor v24.01.26Happy 2024 everyone! We are happy to release v24.01.26 update for our Access Virus Editor. With this new update, we have polished off 40+ issues while adding new exciting features which we will quickly touch below.  Before you rush to install the...

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Support, Ticket, Email and Discord

Support, Ticket, Email and Discord

Support, Ticket and Email statusIn July 2022, our attention was caught off guard when one of our developers got diagnosed 9cm "tumor". It has been treated with medical surgery in January 2023, but it has left us, as a family, with life-time lasting effects. We are not...

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New functions in Virus Editor build 9022

New functions in Virus Editor build 9022

Deep dive into build 9022 new featuresWe added new features to our Access Virus Editor with build 9022 and it is time to take a closer look into these new functions. First, Randomizer has new additions in Advanced MIDI Settings page to set Randomizer target. What this...

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Access Virus Editor v3 build 9019

Access Virus Editor v3 build 9019

Access Virus Editor v3.0.0 build 9019New version of Access Virus Editor has been released today. With new version, we fixed some major issues related to USB Audio Mode, Reverb and Global Settings as well as failing installers. You can learn more about the update from...

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New era begins

New era begins

AURA Plugins website and online store is now live! Since April 2022 we started to create the website for AURA Plugins. This included data migration (690+ reviews, 9000+ customers, products etc) from Mystery Islands Music. If you previously had an account at Mystery...

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Access Virus Editor v24.01.26 is out now! 🤩
#accessvirus #accessviruseditor #accessvirusti

27 2

Roland JP-80x0 Editor v2024-01 will be out soon! It has been long in the works, but we are almost there!
#rolandjp80x0editor #rolandjp8080 #rolandjp8000 #jp8000 #jp8080

34 7

Roland JP-80x0 Editor v2023.12.10 beta available for those who dare! More details in our Discord server! #rolandjp80x0editor #jp8000 #jp80x0 ...

21 1

Brothers in arms! What are you most excited about the upcoming release? #rolandjp80x0editor #jp8000 #jp8080 ...

28 3

More progress made with #rolandjp80x0editor - beta testing should begin shortly as we prepare for final checks.

#sh201 and #sh01gaia import will follow shortly after first beta is out.

#jp8000 #jp8080

29 2

Roland JP-80x0 v2023 is being worked right now! #jp8000 #jp8080 #rolandjp80x0editor ...

26 4

This is the big one and the one everyone has been waiting for. And here it is: Access Virus Editor v2023-10-31. Enjoy! 🥳 #accessviruseditor #accessvirusti #accessvirusti2 #accessvirustisnow ...

35 17

“New” console in place for ever extending hardware due to editor developments! #dm4800 #logicprox #accessvirus ...

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Hello!? Check for additional photos! #tcelectronic #tcelectronicdtwo #dtwoeditor #workinprogress ...

18 2

Friday night fewer with Roland JP-80x0 editor dev! #rolandjp80x0editor #rolandjp8000 #rolandjp8080 #xcode #sublimetext4 #xml #cplusplus ...

16 4

Happy 2023! We are back in business after surgery. Two of three new products in our office. You all know what’s going to happen later on! #rolandgaia #rolandsh201 ...

5 2

Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎅🏻 ...

7 5

#rolandjp80x0editor v3 render - if you want to see it in full scale, check our page 🙂 #rolandjp8000 #rolandjp8080 ...

12 0

All images for roland jp80x0 v3 has been exported along with waldorf blofeld images. Now it is time to build this puzzle and head on to next stage 🤩
#rolandjp80x0editor #rolandjo8000 #rolandjp8080

12 2

And these graphics for the Roland JP-80x0 Editor are being exported as well!
#rolandjp8000 #rolandjp8080 #rolandjp80x0editor #photoshop #4kgraphics

20 9

Waldorf Blofeld Editor v3 UI export in progress. It is going to be a long night!
#waldorfblofeld #waldorfblofeldeditor #photoshop #4kgraphics #blofeldeditor @waldorfmusic_official

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