Support, Ticket, Email and Discord

July 29, 2023

Support, Ticket, Email and Discord

by | Jul 29, 2023 | News

Support, Ticket and Email status

In July 2022, our attention was caught off guard when one of our developers got diagnosed 9cm “tumor”. It has been treated with medical surgery in January 2023, but it has left us, as a family, with life-time lasting effects. We are not going to go full in details, but the message is:

Our support, tickets and email is queued at least 6 months or more. Same applies for development status.

We are very sorry for all of the emails, tickets and support requests which are haven’t answered.

Things are looking better now, so we have opened our very own Discord server for staff and community help (see details below)!

AURA Plugins Discord server

In short, Discord is like IRC (for those of you that know) – Realtime chat, built-in forums, channels to hang out and talk about weather if you like.

Our staff is online everyday to answer your questions and if someone from the community knows answers to your questions, we are sure they will help as well.

Discord is very easy to setup (and it is free!) – Create account, download the APP for iOS, android or Desktop and you’re all set! If you want to learn more about Discord, check the url below.

We have setup discussion forums for each of our products, where you’ll be able to share tips, ask questions, report issues and request new features. You can also find channels for music production, sound design, editor wishlist and much more.

You are invited and welcomed. Join AURA Plugins Discord server by clicking the button below:

Our staff is online every day to answer any questions – Community users might be available 24/7 when server grows.

Learn more about Discord:


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