Access Virus Editor v24.01.26

January 26, 2024

Access Virus Editor v24.01.26

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Updates

Virus Editor v24.01.26

Happy 2024 everyone! We are happy to release v24.01.26 update for our Access Virus Editor.

With this new update, we have polished off 40+ issues while adding new exciting features which we will quickly touch below. 

Before you rush to install the update, this version IS NOT backwards compatible. If you used our Editor in any of your sessions, do this:

  • Open your session
  • Let Editor do its thing with Total Recall.
  • Click SAVE UI DATA from the bottom bar and save it.
  • Repeat with any other projects.
  • Install new update.
  • Open your previous sessions and click LOAD UI DATA to continue where you were left off.
  • Done!

New functions and improvements

Utilities menu got new entities: Default DAW CC passthrough and Local KBD mode can be set as a default.

virus editor midi preferences


Part On / Off switch [1]. This switch only affects how the Editor handles data coming in and going out. If you use only 2 or 5 parts in your project, you can disable rest of the parts. This has effect on how fast the Editor loads and handles incoming data.

virus editor part on off switch


Drag and Drop librarian patches to any part. This has been requested quite often, so here it is! You can now drag a preset from librarian to any part. Just drop the patch on top of the part name shown in the mini mixer area and it will get transmitted to hardware.

virus editor drag patches


Part Select Right click menu for some quick actions like randomize part, request part from hardware and store patch to librarian etc. These items were scattered all over the menus of the editor which is not ideal. Now the most important functions are in hand on demand!

virus editor part select menu


Second category filter added. This will complement the ever growing Virus patch library so that you are in control of what you are looking for. Set category filter [1] on, select primary category [2] first and secondary category filter [3] will appear.  

virus editor category filter


MIDI clock information is now passed through the editor when using the standalone app. If you have a sequencer running in your setup with MIDI clock on, use REMOTE IN port from the editor to allow the messages pass through.

Now for the fixes.. Again, there is a lot. Check the change log url below to see the whole list!

Special thanks to Roberto Molina and the rest of our amazing beta-testing team. Without your input, dedication, motivation and suggestions this would have not come out as good as it did!


Change Log and Downloads

One final thing before we wrap up this build byte talks: read the change log for what has changed – This will help you understand what we have done under the hood and if something seems broken, it actually might be just that some folders are re-located or some.

Download the v24-01-26 update from

Have a good one!


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