New functions in Virus Editor build 9022

October 1, 2022

New functions in Virus Editor build 9022

by | Oct 1, 2022 | News

Deep dive into build 9022 new features

We added new features to our Access Virus Editor with build 9022 and it is time to take a closer look into these new functions.

First, Randomizer has new additions in Advanced MIDI Settings page to set Randomizer target. What this means is that you can now specify if you want to randomize all part data or exclude pitch data from the randomize process.

When Pitch exclusion is on, All Oscillators Semitone and Key Follow will be excluded. Same applies for Portamento and Transpose.

This way Pitch data is “on key” even when you do harsh randomization!

adv midi randomizer options

Advanced MIDI Settings Randomizer Options

Don’t forget that you can set MIDI CC to trigger randomizer as a “shortcut” and use the Amount knob to specify how much randomization is actually applied.

Randomizer Option can be found from ADVANCED MIDI SETTINGS page.

Editor Preferences in Utilities Menu

New “Editor Preferences” Sub Menu has been added to Utilities Menu. With the options on this menu, user can now set default skin, model and some additional features. Utilities Menu is located in the bottom bar of the Editor interface.

One of the most requested feature has been to be able to set default skin and model for the Editor. It is finally possible! This is very helpful if you have only one Virus in your setup and you don’t mind about the additional model or skin settings.

Toggle on “Use Specific Model on Load” to always have your model loaded during initialization. You can choose model before or after you’ve toggled the option on.

Toggle on “Use Specific Skin on Load” to always load your desired skin during initialization. Again, this setting can be selected before or after the option is toggled.

utilities menu preferences 1

Editor Preferences Sub Menu

Another big change is that user can now toggle on “Use Hi-Res Graphics (4/5/8K)” if they really need to do so. This is a huge upgrade and takes a lot of strain out from RAM and CPU usage.

New Librarian search functions

With new options in Editor Preferences Menu, use can now select to “Limit Search to Active Bank“. This is pretty straight forward, search term is only applied to currently open bank and you won’t be distracted with any other results appearing in the list!

Another great addition is that user can now specify if search term is applied to whole patch name, instead of the old way which was: search results were shown only if name and term matched from the beginning of the name.

Now if user types in “uni” in search field and patch name is “Amunia” it is a match! Toggle on “Search results containing…” to activate this feature!

Also, as a side note, @ sign can now be used in search field as there are a lot of patches containing it.

Additional LOG and MIDI settings

If you think there is something wrong with the editor loading mechanism or how it functions, toggle on “Enable LOG (CPU hungry)” to record the Editor states during the usage. Just remember to toggle it off once you are done as it consumes a lot of CPU and causes disc write operations to LOG file which is never a good thing when working with audio.

One last item in the menu is option to “Force Data to Active Part” which does what it says. If you toggle on Part 2 and your master keyboard is sending data from channel 1 only, data will be converted and transmitted to part 2 on the hardware. This is very handy and makes it quick and easy to audition different parts.

If you want to use your master keyboard the old fashion way with individual MIDI channels, just toggle this option off.

Important note: This only works while DAW is STOPPED.

Change Log and Downloads

One final thing before we wrap up this build byte talks: read the change log for what has changed – This will help you understand what we have done under the hood and if something seems broken, it actually might be just that some folders are re-located or some.

Of course, these were just the new additions to the Editor, there are dozens of other fixes and improvements in the latest build!

You can download the v3.0.0 build 9022 update from

Have a great weekend!

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    Exellent, very very good. Eatch days is open in my Silicon 🙂


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