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Clavia Nord Lead 3 Soundset Bleeding Skies

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Soundset “Bleeding Skies”

$ 19.95

This Clavia Nord Lead 3 Soundset has 128 well crafted patches for your Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 containing piercing leads, beautiful keys, transient rich arpeggios, meaty basses and pads to die for.

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Package Provided by Seraphic Music
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Clavia Nord Lead 3 Soundset "Bleeding Skies" is a set of 128 well crafted patches for your Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 containing piercing leads, beautiful keys, transient rich arpeggios, meaty basses and pads to die for.
The soundset is aimed to fit the most styles in the Electronic Dance Music scene.

Patches are designed for the OS 1.20

The amplitude level of the patches is optimized for the -10 dbv scale. Almost every patch make use of the morph function and/or the ModWheel.

Nord Lead 3 doesn't have an internal fx section. Only external reverb and delay was added to the demo but no other fx such as chorus, distortion, phaser etc.

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Bleeding Skies Soundset Patchlist

CrimsonString KW
SpikeArp KW
Palm Mutaded KW
Arpe Diem KW
Complex KW
Fields of ReedKW
SelfieOsc KW
Leadership KW
Punchliner KW
MidleFinger KW
Psygnus X KW
Acidous KW
Unicorn KW
NasalBlood KW
Crisp KW
RoundRobbin KW
Canoneer KW
Soarlight KW
Transmission KW
VonGelis KW
80s and life KW
Arkansaw KW
Dusty Saw KW
Driver KW
Jigsaw KW
Squerrel KW
Warp KW
Aliens KW
InterM3zZ0 KW
Padegrin KW
Interupted KW
Energizer KW

BassArp KW
ShaverSaws KW
Pluck Me KW
Psy Guitar KW
Polarbear KW
Xylootron KW
SpoonBender KW
Dumbstep KW
Motherfunker KW
Hollow KW
TranceSaws KW
BrightestStar KW
Rymdsynth KW
Horns KW
Synkt KW
Behold KW
Old ROMpler KW
Asian Pearl KW
Prodigital KW
Starfall KW
PingyPluck KW
Piercinger KW
MonsterBass KW
Monster Too KW
HarpyHagg KW
Saturnus KW
Doomsday Keys KW
Unstable KW
Dentist KW
Syntethic KW
Diguitar KW
8-bit Arp KW

FunkyFilter KW
Ice giants KW
Into the sun KW
8-bit BassPad KW
Pluck a Duck KW
Warper KW
AM Bass KW
Meatball KW
Osculshaped KW
TheRunnerArp KW
Thornardo KW
Orch-hit 2142 KW
Starbreeze KW
Stringmorph KW
Allround lead KW
Another Realm KW
Chorder KW
Rave Organ KW
BubbleBass KW
A bit crushed KW
Machinae KW
Sunriser KW
Daybreak KW
Hero KW
BassLead KW
Mystery KW
Balrog KW
DataBase KW
Swell hello KW
Pegasus KW
Keys r Us KW
HoBit KW

Call out KW
Ordinary Saw KW
Shapshifter KW
A500 Fluit KW
Etherial Keys KW
Tom n Jerry KW
FiltherMod KW
Into space KW
Adventure KW
Future KW
Moorphine KW
Chiller KW
Oppenheim KW
WhiteLined KW
Papercut KW
Flat KW
60Hz Fart KW
50Hz Fart KW
AcuCompChord KW
E-mc2 KW
PortaBass KW
DirtyCircuit KW
Keytarra KW
AvantGarde KW
Perc KW
Pluck n Play KW
Clav of -14 KW
QuarterBass KW
WireBass KW
DigiBass KW
StringPluck KW

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